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Hi Barbi,

We have been blessed to have two JRTs in our lives and a little over a year ago we lost our last one.  We were heart-broken and thought that our home would be a dog-free zone.  Well, that didn’t last long!!  We truly missed having a little companion on our many adventures.  We started looking for a good EJRTCA breeder and found Jug Mountain Jacks!  What a wonderful lady Barbi is and a truly fantastic dog mom 😊  Barbi and Bill raise the dogs in their home and get them used to being around family of all ages. Barbi regularly communicated with us, sending us videos and pictures as the puppies grew bigger. We were lucky to get the puppy of our dreams – we had Gabby picked out of the litter from the first picture!!  Gabby came to us trained to answer her name, understanding “NO,” crate-trained, trained to graze eat, and mostly potty-trained.  We live in southern Utah so it was a two-day trip in our Jeep and camping in a travel trailer with Gabby. She did wonderfully, travelling very well.  Gabby is always the star of the show wherever we go – everyone loves her, and she fills our hearts with joy!


Paul and Sue Longson  11/7/22



Hi There:

I have been a dedicated dog person for over 60 years and I just have to say how impressed I am with our little Buddy from

Jug Mountain Jacks. He knew several commands and was virtually house trained as well as crate trained when we picked him up. We had lost our Jackson to old age so started the process of finding a quality breeder. I could tell after a couple of conversations that I had found the right person in Barbi. She stayed in contact with us from the time of conception until birth. We got pictures and video from the first day with regular follow-ups right up until we traveled to Idaho to pick him up. He came with his blanket and several of his favorite toys. Barbi knew we would be traveling for several hours to take him home with us ,so she even got him accustomed to traveling in a vehicle. Seven hours and he handled it like an old pro! I really feel that you could not do any better than Bill and Barbi if you are looking for a great JR. Their pups are brought up in their house , not a kennel, and are shown nothing but love with a capitol LUV!

Darrel Wise 10/28/2021


  I am writing this in regards to a wonderful puppy I got from Jug Mountain Jacks.

My puppy Sadie is a wonderful dog. She has adapted to our family very well thanks to Barbi Burke at Jug Mountain Jacks. She made the transaction for Sadie and I easy for one having her crate trained, having a list of how she was taken care of. Sadie has a great disposition. I feel with the great care and loving home that Barbi gives her dogs you can never go wrong with one of her dogs. I think Sadie has great parents for she is a great dog. I am so glad I found Barbi when I was looking for a dog. You can never go wrong with one of her dogs. Thank you Barbi and Bill for my wonderful dog and friend, and the wonderful job you do .


Brenda Hartzell 10/18/2020

We got a puppy from Barbi last year. His name is Jackson, he is a wonderful little guy. I've been in contact with Barbi ever since, sharing pictures of Jackson.

These are very handsome and well taken care of pups!

Thank you Jug Mountain Jacks!


Shawn Dashiell 11/3/2020


I am writing this review/testimonial regarding my new puppy Peanut whom I purchased from Barbi Burke at

Jug Mountain Jacks.

I have been the proud owner of three jacks previously.

Now the proud mom/owner of my new 12 week old boy Peanut.

Having quite a bit of familiarity with this breed and knowing what to look for in both parents as well as breeder, I could not recommend a better breeder (Barbi) and her wonderful pair of Jacks as parents.

The dogs have incredible temperaments and dispositions and she crate trains them very early which allows new owners to sleep through the night!!!

I honestly feel out of all the jacks I've ever owned that due to Barbi's attention to detail, caring and giving them such a loving home that Peanut scores higher than any of my wonderful other Jacks from the past.

You will not be disappointed as long as you do your part in giving these little guys what they need.

You will have a wonderful companion for the rest of their days.

I truly feel blessed to now have Peanut in my life after my last boy passed away 2 years ago at 18 years old.

Thank you Barbi and Bill so very much for giving me my new best friend!!!

Zsa Bataille  09/10/2019


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